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Researchers uncover clues about returning to play after concussion

Western researcher Ravi Menon and his team at Robarts Research Institute and Schulich Medicine School of Medicine & Dentistry have shown that young hockey players who have suffered concussions still show changes in the white matter of the brain months

A Multi-angled Approach to Research

  Researchers are exploring multiple sclerosis from all angles to better understand, diagnose and treat the mysteries of the disease By Emily Leighton, MA’13 You’re sitting at a table in a plain room. A researcher sits directly across from you,

Robarts takes centre stage at See the Line – August 16, 2017

Robarts’ research strengths and world-class facilities took centre stage at this year’s See the Line event on August 16. As part of the day’s events, Canadian Olympian and hockey all-star Hayley Wickenheiser toured the research facilities at Robarts. She was

Recent Awards

Jonathan & Joshua Memorial Graduate Scholarship Established by Audrey and Delmar Cobban and matched by Robarts Research Institute, this award recognizes Doctoral research in the area of heart and stroke disease. Alex Major, PhD Candidate, Neuroscience Supervisor: Stefan Everling, PhD