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Concussions: changes to brains lasts much longer than thought / January 11, 2019

Research in Canada and the Netherlands used a new technique to show concussions change the function of the brain ( Manning et al. Western University) Using a new technique, researchers in Canada and the Netherlands have found that changes to

Western University researchers use dual brain scans to track long-term concussion toll

Western University researchers are inching closer to making an invisible injury visible, using two kinds of brain scans to track the physical changes concussions cause even after the symptoms are long gone. Jennifer Bieman Updated: December 19, 2018 Western University’s

The 9.4T gets into the Holiday spirit

Miranda Bellyou and Amy Schranz from the 9.4T magnet could be seen getting into the holiday spirit today for the door judging contest being being held Wednesday December 19th at Robarts Research Institute. Not only does this look fantastic but

7T maintenance – replacing the gradient coil

Our 7T scanner recently had a new gradient coil installed so we wanted to show you what happened. This was the delivery of the installation equipment and new AC84 Gradient coil. The NEW AC84!  We received 2 day delivery from