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Congratulations – Student Awards

Please join us in congratulating some of the graduate students who use our facility who have recently received awards. First, Stephanie Cullen, our first year MSc. candidate who has been with our lab as an undergraduate volunteer since 2016, was

Brain folds key to diagnosing psychosis early, Western study finds

From the London Free Press The brain’s outer folds and ridges can be a road map for researchers trying to diagnose which patients are at the highest risk of psychosis later in life, a new Western University study says. By

Western study rules out one treatment pathway for Alzheimer’s

From the London Free Press A Western University study is ruling out one possible treatment pathway in the push to develop drugs for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia – a move that might steer future research in a different direction. A

New BrainsCAN study rules out major potential target for Alzheimer’s disease drugs

Stefan Everling and his team at Western University made an unexpected discovery that won’t prevent Alzheimer’s disease but it potentially rules out a major potential treatment focus that drug manufacturers have been targeting for years in the fight against the