Kathryn Manning

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M.Sc. Student, Medical Biophysics, Western University
Contact Information:
• Email: kmanning at robarts dot ca

Profile & Research Interests

Kathryn Manning is a M.Sc. student with Dr. Menon where she is working on multiple applications of functional magnetic resonance imaging. She is currently developing optimal techniques for imaging the anesthetized primary visual cortex of non-human primates viewing a visual stimulus in the 7T MRI system. Once this is optimized, she hopes to compare the corresponding electrophysiological signals directly with the BOLD signals during both resting and active states in order to further ensure the neural basis of this imaging technique. She is also involved in a study exploring the neurological effects of constraint-induced movement therapy as a treatment for hemiparetic cerebral palsy on the 3T MRI.

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  • B.Sc. Physics and Applied Mathematics, Memorial University

Awards & Scholarships

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Western University, Sept 2011-Aug 2012, $15,000
  • WGRS Medical Biophysics, Western University, Sept 2011-Current, ~$2,500.
  • Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Graduate Award, April 2011, $7,500.
  • Dr. Leslie Harris Alumni Association Scholarship, Memorial University, Sept 2007-April 2011, $16,000.