Welcome to the Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping!
Here are some resources to assist you in starting your new MRI study.

1.  Location

We are located on the main floor of Robarts Research Institute (100 Perth Drive, London, Ontario) on Western University campus. Click on the images below for full-size maps:

CFMM Campus Map CFMM Building Map
  Map 1: Western Campus Map     Map 2: Robarts & University Hospital

2.  Parking

Paid parking is available in the LHSC University Hospital parkade (see maps above). University employees with parking passes may be eligible to park in the Chemistry Lot across the street from Robarts.

2.  Robarts Access

Robarts Research Institute is a secure building, all outside doors are locked and require key card access. To enter the facility, please use the main Security Entrance (as labeled on Map 2 above), or make arrangements to meet with one of our staff at the entrance beside University Hospital. There is a telephone inside this door that you can use to call us when you arrive.

3.  Billing Rates

Please refer to SOP#220: “System Billing Guide and Standard Rates” for our complete billing guide, including booking procedures, cancellation/no-show policies, and policies regarding guaranteed time.

Our current billing rates are as follows:

    • Certified MR Tech Assisted (24/7) :  $450/hr
    • Unassisted Weekdays (9 am – 8 pm) :  $350/hr
    • Unassisted Off-hours (8 pm – 9 am, weekends, holidays) :  $200/hr
    • Unassisted Walk-On Rate** (24/7) :  $150/hr
    • Contract Studies :  Negotiable

**Note: Walk-On Rates apply ONLY when scanner time is available and booked on the same day as the scan takes place.

For information about Unassisted Scanning, please see SOP#260:  Unassisted Scanning: Policies and Operator Training.

4.  Cancellation Policy

The Cancellation / No-Show policy for the 3T/7T MRI Facility is as follows:

    • Five (5) full business days notice is required to cancel a Guaranteed time slot.
      • Cancelled Guaranteed slots become available for anyone to book.
    • Three (3) full business days notice is required to cancel all other time slots.
      • If the Facility has not received three full business days notice, the appropriate principal investigator will be billed in full for the scan session.
    • Imaging slots booked within three business days of the available time may be cancelled without penalty.

5.  Pilot Time

Pilot Time is the booking of resources that would otherwise be billable, for the purpose of protocol development and establishing preliminary study parameters. Up to 6 hours of pilot time may be available to investigators.

Activities that can be claimed as Pilot Time:

    • Testing of new or modified peripheral devices in the MR environment.
    • Establishing the physical compatibility of study equipment within the MR environment.
    • Optimization of non-standard imaging protocols.
    • Up to one hour of data collection with the complete MR and peripheral hardware setup (i.e. a “dry run” for testing of triggers and timing).

Restrictions on Pilot Time:

    • A maximum of 6 hours of pilot time may be granted, with a maximum of one hour of actual data collection. Time in excess of this will be billed at the standard billing rate.

Please Refer to SOP#210: “New Protocols and Ethics” for full criteria and restrictions on pilot time.

6.  Ethics

All studies require UWO-REB ethics approval. See SOP#210: “New Protocols and Ethics” for details.

7.  New Study Request Form

Please complete the online “3T/7T New Study Request Form” to provide us with details about your proposed study. Once we receive this form we will review your study, assess for pilot time eligibility, and arrange to meet with you to discuss the specific details of your study.

8.  Scanner Availability

Once your study has been approved and ethics are in place, you are ready to book scan sessions.

The scanner schedule is available online at Please check the schedule for openings, and then request slots by emailing

Slots are booked on a first-come first-served basis, and are subject to the Cancellation / No-Show Policy as outlined above and in SOP#220: “System Billing Guide and Standard Rates”. MRI Technologists are available to scan Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Evening and weekend scans are available pending Technologist/Operator availability (email us at to inquire about specific dates & times).

9.  Safety Training & Orientation

All new researchers and associated staff (research assistants, grad students, etc.) who will be utilizing our facility must undergo safety training. This training includes reading the applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), watching 2 online safety videos, completing an online safety quiz, and an onsite safety and facility orientation session. While most new researchers and staff will only need to complete training at the level of Research Personnel, some individuals may require additional training as Level 1 MRI or Level 2 MRI Personnel. The extent of the training depends upon the type of facility access and support required, so please discuss your needs with us.

10.  More Questions?

Please email us at