Level 1 MRI Personnel

Welcome to the Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping!

Here are the steps required to gain Level 1 MRI Personnel status. Level 1 MRI Personnel includes investigators and associated research staff involved in studies utilizing the 3T/7T MRI Facility and who require Security Access (i.e. keycard access) to Zone III of the facility. These are the individuals who may freely enter Zone III as needed (patient prep area, control rooms, equipment room), but  are NOT to enter Zone IV (scanner rooms) without the permission and supervision of Level 2 MRI Personnel.

1.  SOP’s

Read all relevant SOP’s as indicated on Appendix 4:  “Level 1 MRI Personnel: Signature Sheet”. All SOP’s are available in PDF format on the SOP’s page, found in the Resources section of our website, and the applicable ones are linked below for easy reference.

Level 1 MRI Personnel are required to sign off on each of these SOP’s declaring that they have read, understood, and plan to follow all of the guidelines set in place by the following SOP’s by completing Appendix 4:  “Level 1 MRI Personnel: Signature Sheet”.

Level 1 MRI Personnel SOP’s and applicable Appendices:

SOP#100a: MRI Facility Safety Zones
SOP#100b: MRI Facility Access Approval Policy
SOP#110:  MRI Facility Visitor Approval Policy
SOP#120:  General Safety
SOP#130:  MRI Personnel Training
SOP#140:  Emergency Code Blue
SOP#150:  Emergency Fire
SOP#160:  Emergency Quench

SOP#200:  General Experimental
SOP#210:  New Protocols and Ethics
SOP#220:  System Billing Guide and Standard Rates
SOP#230:  Incidental Findings
SOP#240:  MRI Equipment Handling and Procedures
SOP#250:  MRI Data Handling

Appendix 1:  Magnetic Resonance Environment Screening Form
Appendix 4:  Level 1 MRI Personnel: Signature Sheet
Appendix 5:  Level 1 MRI Personnel: Safety Training Checklist
Appendix 8:  Security Access Request Letter

2.  Safety Videos

Watch the MRI Safety Videos found in the Resources section of our website.

3.  Safety Quiz

Complete the online 3T/7T Safety Quiz found in the Resources section of our website. This quiz contains questions based on the material in the SOP’s and Safety Videos and must be successfully completed with a minimum passing grade of 70%.

4.  Magnetic Resonance Environment Screening Form

Complete Appendix 1: Magnetic Resonance Environment Screening Form.

5.  3T/7T MRI Facility Safety and Orientation Session

Contact us at cfmm@robarts.ca to schedule a 3T/7T MRI Facility Safety & Orientation session. This is an on-site review of MRI safety issues, emergency procedures, restrictions and limitations on the Level 1 MRI Personnel’s activities, facility access restrictions, and other topics as determined by facility staff. Appendix 5: “Safety Training Checklist: Level 1 MRI Personnel” will be used as a general guideline and completed during the orientation session. Upon completion of the session, both the facility staff member performing the training session and the trainee must sign off on this Checklist.

6.  Security Access Request Letter

Fill out Appendix 8:  Security Access Request Letter. This letter must be signed by your Principle Investigator.


Your completed forms (Signature Sheet, Magnet Resonance Environment Screening Form, Safety Training Checklist, and Security Access Request Letter) can be hand delivered to the CFMM Facility Manager (Joe Gati) or any MRI Technologist, or emailed to us at cfmm@robarts.ca. If you have questions regarding any step in this process, or the materials contained within the SOP’s, please contact us at cfmm@robarts.ca.

Once these steps have been completed, you will be granted Security Access to the facility and Level 1 MRI Personnel status. Congratulations, and welcome to the CFMM!