Safety Videos

Safety is always a priority in the 3T/7T MRI Facility.

All Research Personnel, Level 1 MRI Personnel, and Level 2 MRI Personnel must complete appropriate safety training, including:

  1. Reading the SOP’s relevant to their position.
  2. Watching the safety videos below.
  3. Satisfactorily completing an online quiz based on the materials in the videos and SOP’s.
  4. Receiving onsite safety instruction by facility staff.
  5. Completing the Safety Training Checklist.

Please read the SOP’s and watch the videos below. Then proceed to either the 3T/7T Safety Quiz or 9.4T Safety Quiz.

Siemens MRI Safety Video – Part 1:


Siemens MRI Safety Video – Part 2:


Having difficulty viewing the embedded YouTube Videos?  Watch them here:
Siemens MRI Safety Video – Part 1  &  Siemens MRI Safety Video – Part 2


3T & 7T Human Scanner users:  Proceed to the 3T/7T Safety Quiz!
9.4T Animal Scanner users:  Proceed to the 9.4T Safety Quiz!