New 3T 2015

The Siemens MAGNETOM Fit whole-body 3 Tesla MRI scanner is a short-bore magnet, with a 60 cm diameter with full clinical capabilities on the VE11 software platform.  The system contains 204 seamlessly integrated coil elements and 64 RF receiver channels, with the ability to scan the full body with a field of view of 50 cm and up to 181 cm in length.  The maximum gradient strength is 80 mT/m simultaneous on all 3 axes with a slew rate up to 200 T/m/s, and both active and passive noise reduction technology greatly reduces noise level compared to traditional systems.  The integrated Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) 4G technology provides unprecedented flexibility, accuracy, and speed, and is capable of reducing scan times by up to 50%.

3T Scanner Information: Siemens Magnetom Prisma

Details are provided below regarding the 3T scanner, including technical specifications, capabilities, as well information about the new coils.

Outstanding gradient performance 80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s simultaneously, on all three axes

  • Ultra-high-performance cooling
  • Force-compensated design for reduced vibrations

Benefits: Significantly increased SNR, unprecedented long-term stability and minimized acoustic noise.

Fully dynamic parallel transmit with TimTX TrueShape

  • Selective excitation to highlight regions, organs, or even features of an organ
  • Zoomed imaging with the first parallel transmit application syngo ZOOMit
  • Significantly higher resolution, reduced scan times and less artifacts.
  • Open platform for new MRI applications

Tim 4G integrated receive architecture

  • Tim 4G RF system with 48, 64 or 128 independent channels for faster imaging and higher SNR
  • Tim 4G coil technology with highest coil element density, Dual-Density Signal Transfer, DirectConnect, and SlideConnect technology
  • Fully digital transmit and receive with DirectRF
  • Real-time feedback loop for excellent long-term stability

Unmatched 3T magnet

  • Based on the MAGNETOM Trio experience
  • Benchmark magnet homogeneity
  • FoV 50x50x50 cm3
  • Advanced higher order shim and optional SpectroShim
  • Zero helium boil-off

MAGNETOM Prisma offers:

 Diffusion Spectrum Imaging 


        • Up to 514 diffusion directions
        • Sensitive to multiple diffusion directions within a voxel
        • Potential to characterize crossing fibers


    TimTX TrueShape and syngo ZOOMit 


        • Finest imaging details from the most hidden structures
        • High resolution DWI
        • DTI Depicting structural CNS connectivity


 Most powerful shimming system


        • Benchmark magnet homogeneity
        • Advanced higher order shim, optional SpectroShim
        • Higher specificity in body and multinuclear spectroscopy


 Excellent flow sensitivity and time-resolved Angiography with XR 80/200


        • Depiction of smaller vessels without contrast with ToF
        • Enhanced flow effects with XR 80/200 gradient system
        • Higher SNR
        • Extreme iPAT performance with Tim 4G

 syngo DTI with up to 256 directions


        • High-resolution isotropic DTI for finer depiction of white matter tracts



 Most advanced tools in syngo.via


        • Fully integrated fMRI/DTI evaluation
        • Interactive track exploration mode with multiple VOI objects


 Excellent long-term stability


        • Excellent signal stability even for demanding long measurements – thanks to the new XR 80/200 gradient cooling system


And more…

    • Cardiac Flow Imaging
    • High-resolution joint imaging with excellent FatSat
    • Zoomed high-resolution imaging of the pelvis
    • High-resolution with isotropic 3D imaging
    • Up to 2x more SNR in diffusion studies
    • Advanced Flow Evaluation
    • Advanced multi-nuclear Spectroscopy

3T Prisma Coils

We have both a 32-channel head coil (with the same configuration as our current 32-ch head coil), plus a 64-channel head & neck coil, and 20-channel head & neck coil.

64-Channel Head/Neck

    mri-coils-64_head_neck-mediacontainer_01-00688927~8   mri-coils-64_head_neck-mediacontainer_02-00688935~8

                     IMG_1232_s  IMG_1234  IMG_1237

    • Anthropomorphic geometry for maximum SNR and full Head/Neck coverage
    • Extreme iPAT2 performance for ultra-fast 3D imaging with minimal SNR loss
    • Maximum patient comfort and optimal accessibility (fMRI visual stimulation, eye tracking etc.)
    • A rear port for EEG cables to facilitate simultaneous EEG/MR imaging for up to 128 electrodes
    • A single connector thanks to DirectConnect and Dual-Density Signal Transfer technology
    • Can be used in combination with spine and body coils for large FoV imaging
    • 64 element design with 64 integrated pre-amplifiers
    • Upper coil part removable, designed with 24 elements
    • Lower coil part usable without upper part, designed with 40 elements
    • Detachable double mirror

 32-Channel Head Coil

01_32_channel_head_coil_igb-00034162~7  02_32_channel_head_coil_mood_igb-00034167~7       IMG_1240_s  IMG_1243

    • iPAT-compatible coil for fast high-resolution and advanced neuro imaging.
    • 32-element design with 32 integrated preamplifiers
    • Upper coil part removable, designed with 12 elements
    • Lower coil part usable without upper part (e.g. for highly claustrophobic patients), designed with 20 elements
    • Coil design with comfortable open view for visual stimulation experiments and reduction of claustrophobic response
    • Detachable double mirror

20-Channel Head/Neck

IMG_1280  IMG_1287_s

    • iPAT-compatible coil for fast high-resolution and advanced neuro imaging.
    • Lower coil part usable without upper part (e.g. for highly claustrophobic patients).
    • Coil design with comfortable open view for visual stimulation experiments and reduction of claustrophobic response
    • Detachable double mirror

Small & Large Flex Coils

IMG_1279  IMG_1267  IMG_1273 IMG_1259  IMG_1263  IMG_1268

Channel Body Matrix Coil (eg. for abdominal and cardiac scanning)

IMG_1250_s  IMG_1246

32-Channel Spine Coil

    • Integrates with 64-ch head/neck coil or 20-ch head/neck coil
    • Can be used alone or with head/neck, flex, and/or body matrix coils.

MSK Coil Package

    • Including 15-ch knee, wrist, ankle, and shoulder coils

Peripheral Equipment & Stimulus Devices

  • Avotec sV-6011 Rear Projection Video (1024 x 768)
  • Sensimetrics S14 Insert Earphones
  • Avotec Silent Scan 3000 Audio System
  • Avotec SV-7021 Binocular Eye Tracker (compatible with 32-Channel Neuro Coil)
  • SHARP XG-PH70X DLP Front Video Projecctor
  • Current Designs Fibre Optic Response Pads
  • AD Instruments PowerLab 16/sp
  • Northern Digital MR-EYE Motion Tracking System
  • Siemens Integrated Physiological Monitoring (ECG, Respiratory, and Pulse)


A few of our Team

3T 2

From the left:  Kyle Gibson, Research Scientist; Oksana Opelavych, MR Technologist; Joe Gati, Associate Director; Dr. Ravi Menon, Director; Martyn Klassen, Research Scientist.